A Father’s Prayer

When you invest time and effort into something, you become naturally vested in its success. Just like a parent wants to see their child succeed, Washington, as the father of this new country, wanted to see America succeed.

In his Farewell Address, he lays out exactly what that success should look like:

  • Heaven’s blessing

  • Perpetual union

  • Perpetual brotherly affection

  • Sacredly maintaining the free Constitution

  • Wisdom and virtue in the government

  • Happiness under liberty made complete through freedom’s preservation

Washington believed that if America lived out her promise of true liberty under the law, then every other country who saw it would emulate and do the same. The fire of liberty would spread across the world.

Safari Woman
It still can - if the lying media can be stopped! And the communists can be crushed - under our feet dear Lord, under our feet! 
  • August 7, 2018
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