President Trump needs your input on Supreme Court

President Trump will be deciding on a replacement for Justice Kennedy sometime today or tomorrow. The problem is that most of his closest advisors are recommending someone who is confirmable over someone who is constitutional. That is a mistake, that will make voting for Donald Trump over Ted Cruz in the primaries seem like the biggest lost opportunity in our history.

If you supported Trump in the primaries, it is up to you to tell President Trump to nominate and fight for a true Constitutionalist to replace Kennedy for the Supreme Court. Our liberty and our nation cannot gamble on another Kennedy or Justice Roberts. We will not have the most sure-fire Constitutionalist, Senator Mike Lee, on the Supreme court. So we are left with four potential nominees which may or may not be better than Kennedy.

Of all the potential nominees left on the list, the only one who is recommended by true constitutional experts like Mark Levin and many others is Judge Amy Barrett. One of the other contenders Judge Raymond Kethledge has issues with a 2011 ruling that critics argue paved the way for the Supreme Court to legalize Obamacare. We simply do not know enough about Brett Kavanaugh or Amul Thapar to know what they believe. Republicans tend to make bad choices with stealth Justices.

So, if you want President Trump to succeed, as we all do now, is to urge him to nominate Either Mike Lee or Judge Amy Barrett and not to back down from a potential fight by the Democrats. For every progressive Republican like Collins and Murkowski, there are two Democratic Senators in Red State or who claim to be pro-life who will confirm either Lee or Barrett.

Remember that this nation is on the brink of destruction partly because Republicans lose every battle that they refuse to fight. We finally have a President that will listen to the people, but he can never hear what you never tell him.

Safari Woman
Thank you! This is excellent - I'll share.
  • July 7, 2018
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