Part  IV


July 4, 2018


This is the fourth and final part of a four-part offering consisting of my pseudo-philosophical meanderings concerning the current state of affairs in what still survives as the United States of America.  Parts I, II, and III were published  July 1, 2, and 3 respectively, in this and other groups.  If you’re unable to locate them and want to see them, message me with your private email and I’ll be happy to send them along.



R. A. Schultz




Slavery as a morally unacceptable economic institution was in the early stages of collapse when the Confederate States of America, by then a separate sovereign nation, were invaded by Lincoln’s armies desperate to return the allegedly rogue states to the union solely for economic reasons, and it was forced to collapse during the subsequent onerous military occupation, euphemistically referred to as “Reconstruction,” following the cessation of most of the hostilities.



Enforced economic transformation held fast, and today, the previously-subjugated South is in far better economic shape than most of the former occupying states.  In fact, the South is in such good economic shape that a re-secession and reunification of all of the Confederacy with the addition of the aforementioned formerly “border” states, would make the Confederate States of America a close third in world GDP, after China and Japan.  The remaining United States of America would come in an anemic fifth and, following the current trend, would wind up much lower than that!  Indeed, if Florida alone were to go its own way, it would be thirteenth in GDP worldwide, on a par with South Korea and The Netherlands!



But back to those socio-political fault lines:  We the People of the South simply think differently from They the People of the North.  Generally, we of the South have an easier, slower pace of life.  We even talk slower.  We don’t think slower, but we do think differently.  We are those same people Obama more than once derisively spoke of, the Bitter Clingers, still clinging to our guns and our Bibles.  Many of us have serious qualms about the legitimacy of what is known as the Obama presidency.  Thus, our priorities in life are vastly different.  We have a very low tolerance for the corruption-as-usual of the DC Swamp.  And it just might be well for us to go our separate ways.



Other sections of the failed union have already proposed secession as their solution to current differences.  California is a prime example.  It turns out, however, that coastal California thinks very differently from central, desert, and mountainous California, the crescent-shaped coastal wafer of leftist fuzzy-wuzzy feeling possibly resulting from the onshore Pacific winds coming from China?  I have repeatedly suggested that coastal California follow through with their secession, taking ultra-leftist Hawaii with them!  Should California actually manage to secede as a whole, there will likely be secondary secessions from the new People’s Republic of California. 



But the left-coast loonies are already ahead of us!  Appearing on their ballot (Seriously, why bother?) this November will be an initiative to split Coliformia into three separate states.  Don’t start fretting yet, folks, because each of those states would need 36 state legislatures to accept them into the Union provided, of course, we still are pretending to honor our Constitution.



The Left Coast’s problems aside, as to the whole union, there will undoubtedly arise considerable angst in both major regions among those who suddenly realize we are politically, economically, emotionally, religiously, and psychologically out of sync with our neighbors.   The result will likely be a considerable amount of “refugee” movement flowing in both directions across the new borders, but nothing like a “humanitarian crisis” the likes of which the Make-Believe Media would no doubt hope for.  I trust this exchange will last no more than three years before it is completed.  Indeed, there have been some hints that it’s already taking place, with many California conservatives relocating to Texas, which itself is seriously considering secession on its own!   Texas secession would likely be the trigger for the establishment of the New Confederacy.



A peaceful parting would be a mutually-desirable goal.  Achieving it at this point is doubtful, but then, We the People of the South have most of the guns, not to mention most of the military bases, and most of the troops.  But more importantly than all of that, We have our Bibles.



To borrow from our current president, the man who just might pull off the major deal it will take to perpetuate the union, “We’ll see what happens.”


Carl Spencer
My job is to help Trump get re-elected. If he gets another 4 years, we stand a chance.
  • July 5, 2018
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I agree. It will take 8 years of a Trump presidency to repair the damage done by the multiple socialist administrations since Reagan left office. If he doesn't get re-elected in 2020, there is no doubt in my mind that the country will break apart.
  • July 5, 2018
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