Part    III


July 3, 2018


This is the third part of a four-part offering consisting of my pseudo-philosophical meanderings concerning the current state of affairs in what still survives as the United States of America.  Parts I and II were published  July 1 and 2 respectively, in this and other groups.  If you’re unable to locate them and want to see them, message me with your private email and I’ll be happy to send them along.



R. A. Schultz



During the three or so decades dating from the end of World War II, American Southerners became increasingly aware that they were no longer Democrats, the Democrat Party drifting more and more to the left of the political spectrum.  Some Democrats became Dixiecrats and some experienced an epiphany and became Republicans.  Today, because the Republican Party is fundamentally more conservative than the Democrat, it is the home of a majority of most of the citizenry of the Southern States.



My undergraduate college experience commenced blandly enough on the    C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University in the early 1960’s, and continued to be unremarkable, with one semester of my senior year on the dean’s list.  I essentially only got the good grades in my major and both minors.   Upon graduation, I had amassed sufficient credits in political science to have had a “double major,” that is, twice the number of credits required for a major.  I also acquired a minor in geography and another in geology.  I learned to think critically, and I also never let go of the fact that I am a Southerner, both by birth and by ideology!



The more I’ve learned about the corruption and deceit upon which this failed union has been “built,” and presently exists, and the more I learn of the excesses of the federal government before, during, and after what altogether too many Americans refer to as the Civil War (We Southerners usually refer to it as the War of the Northern Aggression or the Second War for Independence), the more my desire increases for a re-match.



The Confederate States got a VERY raw post-war deal!  And we’re still looked down upon by the effete snobs from other parts of the country, particularly the North East.  I was recently asked on a social media site by a rectal pore from the North when  I’d stopped having sex with my cousin.  I responded that it was likely about the same time he stopped having a ménage-a-trois with his brother and his mother.  Just don’t mess with me!



Today, thanks to the Democrats, specifically of late, Lyndon Johnson, William Jefferson Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama II, there are at least two Americas. They are obviously separated geopolitically, that is, by geography, political and social ideology, economics, and religion, yet slightly more subtly by region.  I have no doubt that complete geographical separation will be the ultimate result.  Therein arises another irony:  A Northerner who is POTUS has his most intense support among We the People of the New South, middle class coal states, and West Central states.



By way of explanation, the “New South”, once formally established, will be comprised of all of the States of the original Confederacy, plus Missouri, Oklahoma, Kentucky, West Virginia, and several rural counties of Maryland, and MINUS the DC Swamp counties of Northern Virginia.



The current “conventional wisdom,” propounded by those ignorant of history, is that the “questions” of slavery and secession were “settled” at Appomattox.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 



First, slavery was but one of many much grander triggers resulting in the original separation of the Southern States from the union.  The Confederate States fought not for the infinite perpetuation of slavery, merely six percent of the populace being slave owners, with many more acknowledging that the economic system profiting from the existence of slavery was not only morally wrong but was also ultimately doomed.  Lincoln abolished slavery in the secessionist states in hopes of inspiring a slave uprising against the Confederacy.  It obviously didn’t matter to him that he lacked jurisdiction. 



Second, secession is by extension a right reserved to the sovereign states comprising the union, as enshrined in the Tenth Amendment, wherein the central government is proscribed from infringing on that right. 



The real bottom line here being that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was “settled at Appomattox.” 



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