This is a sequel to “TELEVISION & INTERNET ‘SERVICE,’” long title “HOW TO PISS OFF YOUR CUSTOMERS ~ TELEVISION & INTERNET ‘SERVICE,’” published in this group/site and several others on June 22, 2018


R. A. Schultz



But it didn’t end there.



The salesman had texted me, extolling the benefits I was about to receive by just waiting “two more days” for my AT&T Internet connection.  I texted the salesman that I had already been four whole days without an internet connection because of his company’s screw-up, that I had already reconnected to Comcast, and that I wished to cancel my order and arrange for an AT&T rep to come and retrieve their equipment.  He texted back that he wasn’t authorized to handle cancellations and that I’d have to call AT&T customer service to make those arrangements.



Naturally, I was connected to the inevitable robot but was able rather shortly  to make contact with a female human before having to engage in too many robotic gymnastics.   She promptly cancelled the account but informed me that I’d have to speak with someone in technical services about retrieval of the company’s equipment.



Another wait.  After several minutes, I’m connected with a curt, arrogant pr*ck with a foreign accent I can’t place.  French, possibly?  He begins the conversation by informing me that I’ll be charged for any equipment I don’t return “within ten days of right now.”  I tell him to bill me all he wants and I’ll decide whether or not I’m going to pay anything.  Between back and forth barbs, I manage to discern how I can go about returning their stuff via my local UPS Store before the pr*ck hangs up without warning.



Just before I was going to depart my house yesterday afternoon to carry the DirecTV equipment to my local UPS Store, a well-spoken male AT&T rep telephones to arrange my Internet installation.  I inform  him of my cancellation of the service and my reasons.  He commences to apologize but I cut him short, informing him that he shouldn’t apologize for his company’s incompetence, thank him for his time and effort and bid him adios.



Subsequently, I was able to locate a local UPS Store, deliver the DirecTV equipment there, obtain a receipt, and depart without further angst or drama.  The moral remains that I will NEVER do business with AT&T again for ANY reason! 



Another reason to  NOT deal with AT&T might be their corporate coziness with the now-suspect NSA.  More to come on that at a later date.



Safari Woman
All of these huge near monopoly agencies are a nightmare to deal with. Glad you got it finished to your favor.
  • June 29, 2018
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