Once again, just when I think the lies and propaganda coming out of the communist controlled media can't get any worse, I am proven wrong. 

Recently Time Magazine posted a cover depicting President Trump and a small crying Latino child with the title "Welcome to America." This was their trash Trump offering to the fake crisis at the border episode, a concerted propaganda ploy to cover up the damning OIG report proving Obama's FBI was biased and weaponized among other extremely troubling revelations. 

This is the cover ->

The problem is, the story this picture was taken from was originally reported as a big fat lie.

The media was so bent on politicizing children being separated from adults arrested at the border and blaming it specifically on the Trump administration, that apparently there was no lie too big to tell to accomplish their goal. Report after report regurgitated this and numerous other lies while intentionally covering up any fact that might lead to public opinion other than Trump is a monster.

Then, when the father of the child spoke out telling the truth, it was a moment I for one will never forget. The implication of the willingness to spread such dishonest propaganda throughout the media, unchecked and agenda driven, began waking people up. People started asking, if they lied about this, what else are they lying about? Nothing could be better for us as a nation, than for those who have not yet realized it, to recognize the massive brainwashing and mind control going on in the news media. 

Fake news finally rang a bell signaling a wake up call heard around the world. Time made a fool out of itself and also out of the people who blindly believed the fake story and the narrative painted about it. People don't like to be made fools of, so maybe just maybe, the next media circus to explode will cause people to search for truth rather than blindly believe.

Another thing that happened when the truth came out was people made fun of Time magazine by creating memes based on their cover. 

I am posting a few I came across as a record and their appearance here does not necessarily mean I like them, endorse them or find them funny. Although there are some that fit those descriptions. 

Below are articles related to this latest propaganda episode.

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