G-7, 2018


R. A. Schultz



From what we can tell so far, the G-7 Summit in Quebec went well . . . for US!  What with reports of “confrontations,” even “acrimony,” our “friends” have been put on notice that the historical practice of their screwing America at every turn in the province of international trade has just ended.  Trading with America in the future will no longer be one-sided in favor of the other partner.



President Trump has rightly put  the blame for America being taken advantage of in the past on OUR “leaders,” rather  than the leaders of the nations we’ve been trading with.  He has put our trading partners on notice that the days of American indecision, dithering, blathering, and outright surrendering are things of the past.  In doing so, he has naturally aroused their ire of our trading partners as well as the criticism of our Make-Believe Media and the inevitable tsk-tsking of the nattering nabobs of negative “punditry” on both sides of the aisle.



Apparently, the bombshell was President Trump’s almost blasphemous suggestion that Russia be included in future international trade summits.  How’s THAT for “proof of collusion?”  ROFLOL!



Dire predictions of “serious repercussions” abound from disinformed rectal pores cleverly disguised as cable television “news” anchors.  “Informed analysis” is sought from “experts” who were in kindergarten on 9/11.  The “What If?” Syndrome is abundantly represented as speculation continues to be presented as “news.”



The bottom line continues to be that 1. They STILL simply don’t “get it,” and, 2. Donald J. Trump is far too much for their limited psyches to handle.



President Trump is fully cognizant of EXACTLY what he’s doing.  That he drives his adversaries both at home and abroad bat-chit crazy is merely a matter of personal delight for him, as well as for those of us in his Basket of Deplorables.



If President Trump were a few years younger, I’d start lobbying for repeal of the Twenty-Second Amendment!







Safari Woman
I so far have loved every report (factual) that has come out of the event. While it was going on I was smacked with a surprising thought. For the first time that I can remember, I wasn't afraid of what was going to happen at G7!!!! 
  • June 11, 2018
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