I've been completely exhausted by the end of these past few days from working on a remodeling project.

Between that, and becoming disappointed and disgusted by the Rosanne comment, along with the entirely expected responses, excuse making and arguments, I haven't been online much.

Today, I got a minute and was going to participate, when I found Twitter, and the rest of the internet is now stuck on Samantha Bee for her despicable comment.

GOOD GOD! WTH is wrong with people these days??

I refuse to engage in the all too predictable dialog dominating every outlet. Ugly is ugly, mean is mean, hateful is hateful. It doesn't matter who does it. There are vital, critical near earth shattering things happening in this world and people are obsessed over which Hollywood celebrity they side with if any?

NO, I won't go there. 

I have enjoyed following Rosanne on Twitter but I don't watch TV so I have no emotional investment in her. She seems like she is self defeating and maybe she needs to seek help with that. But, that's her karma and I won't defend her for her comment. 

Both women displayed bad behavior, both said they were sorry, then one lost her show and one didn't. THIS IS NOT SURPRISING IS IT?

No, it's perfectly predictable in the world we live in dominated by liberal media.

How long will this prevail?

Until the next satanic sacrifice of blood happens on a public school ground or elsewhere. Then we will forget about Rosanne and Samantha and argue over guns again.


WAKE UP AMERICA. We have to be bigger and better than this.


Engage in life instead. 

Don't forget to #ProtectTheChildren!

I will be back when I am rested and when I can log on and not be immersed in Hollywood starlet drama. Until then I remain in prayer for adults in this nation to stop acting like children and to look instead in their own hearts to see how they can be a better, wiser more productive person.  

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