R. A. Schultz



Vice President Mike Pence has now joined the chorus, rapidly approaching crescendo, consisting of Members of Congress and a growing majority of We the People, demanding that Robert Mueller’s witch hunt aimed at finding ANYTHING President Trump, or anyone even remotely associated with him, may have done wrong within the statute of limitations, whether it had anything to do with the myth of Russian collusion or not, be brought to an end.


But perhaps it can’t end.  Has anyone but me considered the strengthening possibility that Mueller is so obsessed with, and possessed by, Trump Derangement Syndrome, that he’s intellectually incapable of reaching an investigative conclusion?  Someone in a higher paygrade than mine should suggest that to Dweeb Rosenstein, or maybe someone should make psychological referrals for both Mueller and Rosenstein and Baker Act them for 72 hours?


In any event, ENOUGH already!

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