March 8 2018

I almost skipped this article after reading the title because it didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. That the left leaning AP would attempt to cover-up for the Clintons over any issue is to be expected. I was more interested in their method of how they plotted a cover-up than the story itself and this is what made me decide to give it look.

I'm glad I did.

What I found rang bells and sent up flags for something I previously noted as suspicious on social networks but didn't yet know was related to their attempt.

The article attached below says:

The AP is trying to discredit the well-documented NXIVM-Clinton axis by focusing on just one Internet story about the case, from a site that is not well known. This is a common tactic by the mainstream media — pretending that an entire controversy was caused by one blog post and then trying to smear everyone who reports on the controversy because that one blog post was wrong.

Here’s how the AP, re-printed by the New York Daily News, tries to whitewash the Clinton element of this scandal: “The article on nyeveningnews and other sites declares that Mack “confessed that she sold children to the Rothschilds and Clintons during her time in the child sex cult…The alleged Clinton connection in the story is based on something that isn’t true. It claims that Seagram’s liquor fortune heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, who are followers of Raniere, are members of Bill Clinton’s foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, which requires a $15,000 membership fee. A spokesman for the foundation tells The Associated Press they haven’t donated any money or made a required “commitment to action” to the Global Initiative.

That one random article aside, the sex cult’s Clinton links are actually everywhere, not to mention links to New York senator and prospective presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, whose father worked for the depraved cult. The cult actually hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails, adding them to the long list of nefarious organizations that accessed Clinton’s private communications during her scandal-plagued public service career."

The article in reference is called "random," but I would almost guarantee you it was not random but planted. The site it appeared on, nyeveningnews, is yet another professional looking site that regularly delivers up fake news mixed with real news.

So how did conservatives help the AP with this? Many conservatives follow that site on Twitter and pass on items from them without giving any thought to the source nor taking time to check the reliability of the content. Several of the conservative profiles I saw passing these on were already suspect to me for being fake accounts as well. They displayed certain properties I have learned to relate to fakes.

NYEveningNews followed me and I followed back until I noticed several of the sensationalized and obviously fake items they were sharing.  I dropped following them, then they un-followed and re-followed me again but I'm not biting this time. That's a pretty aggressive move as well to entice people to follow with two attempts. 

So, conservatives PLEASE remember the golden rule of checking sources. In this case a major so called legitimate news source AP, is using fake news to give the Clintons a cover.

If I really know the left, like I think I know the left, they may run that site and purposefully put out this and other stories passed on with fakes, then wait until enough real people shared it to give it a false authority to point to in mockery. It is the light of truth that will fry the Clintons and we don't need to cast any shade of doubt between them and the light or else we delay their fate and aid them in the cover up of their crimes.

~Copyright 2018 aka SafariWoman

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