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R. A. Schultz



While the “intrepid” Robert Mueller and his band of merry morons continue to flail the dead horse known as “Collusion,” there now miraculously appears a second “dossier,” though I think this time they’re calling it a “memo,” purportedly supplied to Democrat operative and Clinton a$$-kisser Cody Shearer by unnamed operatives of the Russian FSB.  I guess “memo” is easier on the Make-Believe Media crowd who learned how to spell during the 1980’s.



I’m sorry, my friends, but this bullschiff is starting to read like a dime novel with the price cut for a quick sale.  This is getting seriously tiring.  One can almost HEAR the glaze forming over the eyes of Mr. and Mrs. America!  I predict the rapid onset of Collusion Fatigue Syndrome, characterized by an irrepressible urge to yawn incessantly.



In the meantime, it seems the longer Mueller’s witch hunt drags on, the more Democrat and Deep State criminal activity gets exposed.  Does the name Susan Rice sound familiar to anyone?



Thankfully, truckloads of popcorn are now arriving daily in DEEP RED Northeast Florida!  Gotta have SOMETHING to snack on while watching this absurdity play itself out!

Great post!
  • February 13, 2018
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Safari Woman
A dime store novel that wouldn't even make the cut as a B movie - it's so absurd that sometimes I think I should pinch myself to make sure I am awake. If all of them get away with this - I will lose all hope for us - someone needs to someday face the justice system and serve for their crimes against...
  • February 13, 2018
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