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I’m sure we can all name a country or city overseas, or even in the US, that would fit the description of a shi!hole.  As a retired Coastie AND a retired policeman, I can probably think of more than most of my fellow Deplorables can count!  It is today alleged, by a person of far less than stellar reputation for veracity, specifically Senator Dick Durbin (PROGTURD, IL), that President Trump referred to several countries around the world as shi!holes during a bi-partisan meeting at the White House. 


Durbin, characteristically, is suffering the standard Trump Derangement Syndrome hissy-fit, closely resembling delirium tremens, so commonly experienced by Swamp-dwelling progturds whenever the President is even remotely suspected of hitting a home run, or the proverbial nail-on-the-head!


Perhaps Durbind!ck recalls his mea culpa on the Senate floor on June 21, 2005, when he offered this milquetoast non-apology for comparing the actions of American troops toward jihadi prisoners at Gitmo with those of Nazis:  "More than most people, a senator lives by his words ... occasionally words fail us, occasionally we will fail words."  WTF does THAT mean?  I mean, REALLY, WTF?  And who the hell wrote that piece of schizophrenic tripe for him?


Durbin is one of the most “progressive” of the Senate’s progturds.  He is a rabid gun-control advocate who has failed to acquire a majority popular vote in most of Illinois’ counties, having been elected by the popular vote supplied by major Illinois cities, no doubt inflated, in true Democrat tradition, by a lot of dead people.


That which he has alleged regarding the President’s remarks, has been vehemently denied, not only by the President, but also by other attendees of the meeting.  We might inquire as to Durbin’s motivation in voicing this allegation, inasmuch as his precious DACA program to infiltrate illegal aliens into our midst is on the chopping block.



One might reasonably suspect this is yet another progturd distraction, a proverbial molehill magically transformed into a mountain by the Make-Believe Media.  Was the distraction created and ordered by the Clinton Crime Family, the Obama Crime Family, or by the UN-godfather, Uncle Georgie Soros?  Follow the buckskis, my friends ~ Who pays Durbin?  And why has he been in the Senate so long?  How do the Swamp-dwellers thrive?  Hmmmmmm?

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I call him dick Dirtbin :D
  • January 14, 2018
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