The People vs Muhammad with the so-called "prophet", Muhammad, and his inextricable relationship with militant Islamic jihad. Intrinsically, without understanding said basis one is operating akin to a deaf-mute and a blinded bat. Clearly, not a healthy position to be in.


AND it is for this reason that little is more important to western civilization than to unveil (thus, attack) said verily truths, as discomfiting, disquieting, not to mention dangerous, as they are.

Islam is inextricably related to blood. Period.

Islam’s barbarians, pedophiles, and monsters operate as Muhammad’s soldiers for Allah!

Shariah Law, which props up the underlying political-legal system of Islam, must be totally uprooted from any civilized western nation. Incontestably, it is its oxygen, fuel, and financial engine. Its global instrument.

The bloody Koran, supposedly written by Muhammad – through this and that "revelation" – dictates that he is the "role model" for Muslims. No ifs, ands, or buts. So the fact that he was insane, a madman – and millions upon millions emulate him – duly explains why Allah’s Muslim Terrorists ravage and rampage across the globe.




Safari Woman is online.
ty I am going to post a link to this in the Islam 101 Izine - for future reference if you want to add things on this topic there - in the blog area, you are welcome to 
  • January 11, 2018
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