Based on my observations from watching accounts provide information as events unfolded and in the aftermath on twitter and other social media, I'm left feeling disgusted with what happened in Charlottesville for many reasons:.

1st the ACLU even stepped in and threatened to sue to allow the White Nationalists the right to march because originally Charlottesville wouldn't give them the permit. That in itself is suspect! When has the ACLU EVER stood up for anything so called right wing? Are these people really right wing? Or are they a supremacist group glomming onto the hate filled liberal rhetoric aimed at whites and white males lately especially from the feminists?

Some members of this group have come up against ANTIFA many times in many locations already. Both groups feed off each other!

2nd ANTIFA showed up and started attacking the nationalists. Then all hell broke loose when ANTIFA started pepper spraying and attacking them from all accounts I've heard and seen, THEY were the original attackers who refused to just allow these people their protest march.

As disgusting as some of the messaging is that came from this clash, they have a right to march and express it just like the vagina wearing women calling for the destruction of Trump did. This is America. Unpopular speech and PEACEFUL assembly is permitted. Was this ever intended to be a peaceful assembly? I doubt it just like I doubt the protests that turned into riots over the past eight years were meant to be either even if a lot of the people attending didn't realize it was all part of a sinister plan.

But 3rd, The white nationalists have been thumping their chests for weeks so they knew what they were inviting and as stated above particular members of this group know exactly the names of at least a number of the members of ANTIFA who would also be there. This is a personalized clash.

4th - THEN law was dispersed on the nationalists and ANTIFA which had no permit was allowed an impromptu march.

One tweet read: "Two outside groups, without permits, showed up, took over the entire event. Permitted group had to move. Violent groups didn't need permit."


I don't think all is as it appears to be and that somewhere behind the scenes we can thank at least in part, GEORGE SOROS who funds ANTIFA one way or the other. Would I doubt he might also put white supremist pushers in line with money to cause such chaos as we saw at Charlottesville? NO 

NOTE TO ALL INVOLVED HATE CAN NEVER CONQUER HATE! Only love can conquer hate. Love of God and obedience to God will win over evil, not testosterone driven, questionable source funded groups violently posturing against each other. 

Now, death has occurred! The liberal media is spinning it out in every direction except for in the search of truth. 

Yes, I am disgusted. I'm disgusted at racists of all sorts. I'm also disgusted at the fascists posing as anti-fascists who exist to shut down free speech and personal freedom.There are only two kinds of people in this world, and we aren't divided by skin color, we are divided by those who serve good and those who serve evil. 

I choose to serve good and condemn all manner of evil. 

5th Lastly, we didn't have any sort of racial riots going on in this nation over recent decades until Obama took us back fifty years starting with the build up on the Trayvon Martin case and continuing on with allowing and stimulating violent riots and protests all over the country. Under his watch we saw the growth of BLM aka Black Lives Matter, who were also present in Charlottesville, the inspiration for outspoken white male hating feminists, and a slew of colledge aged, brainwashed snowflake idiots who followed suit with hate against whites even if they themselves are white! OF COURSE the small number of white supremacists are "triggered" by this!  Throw in shadow planning by those who will use all types of hate mongering "joiners" to weaken and destabilize America. Our enemies are within.

AND BY THE WAY NAZIS were SOCIALISTS - NOT right wing thinkers such as we have under the conservative banner in our country today. Don't forget that EITHER! I'm sick of the lies and the finger pointing being in the wrong direction. Trump is of course being blamed because some of these folks or endorsers of this group claim to support Trump. But so did a lot of Democrats support Trump and Independents. It doesn't matter what a person calls themselves, a REAL conservative thinker will follow the history of the Republican party and it's leadership in establishing respect and equal rights for all. 

We are watching social engineering at it's finest and there are no winners. There are not supposed to be winners, except those who pull the strings for the means to destroy society as we know it.


On a personal note I need to say that I follow some of the white nationalists on social media just like I follow some other groups and indivduals for the purpose of keeping up with what they are doing ONLY. if anyone ever notices that and wonders about my own feelings please note, FOLLOWING DOES NOT = ENDORSEMENT. 

UPDATES: Added in links below as this story unfolds and it looks more and more like this was a set up. Signer worked with John Podesta. From multiple accounts the original protest was shut down after marchers were led down a street lined with ANTIFA and other left wing groups and then the police stood down while ANTIFA attacked the permitted group. The suspect in the car incident was reportedly diagnosed with mental illness, on drugs for it and previously did a stint in the military. WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT DESCRIPTION BEFORE? Especially recommend reading Pieczinik's account of this being a staged incident listed below here. 


Cezar Scribe
The rally was for freedom of speech and to protest the planned removal of statues.

Antifa, BLM, the mayor of Michael Singer and so forth.

A federal judge gave the okay to the group to hold the rally. Singer denied them their natural rights of freedom of speech.

Then he lied about them, which is slande...
  • August 13, 2017
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Safari Woman is online.
Thanks Ceasar - I have been hard pressed to keep up with what actually took place there and today I discovered that the group who got the permit are not white supremists anyway and their group contains persons of all sorts in it. There is now info coming around about how some of the antifa people we...
  • August 13, 2017
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did you see the add on Craigslist Charlotte (yes, I know, it's not the same as charlottesville) from crowdsondemand hiring "protesters?" see my twitter posts, it's been scrubbed from Craigslist
  • August 13, 2017
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Safari Woman is online.
I missed that but have seen other ads and signs for employment people are putting up where PROFESSIONAL PROTESTORS are being HIRED.  
  • August 13, 2017
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Willis Pebble
You are so right on all your points. Both the Alt-right and ANTIFA share the same goals. They are like the Brown Shirts and Reds in 1030's Germany. Most of the protesters on both side are useful idiots, pumped up to serve as cannon fodder to bring chaos. As far as Trump taking flack for his respons...
  • 16 hours ago
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