This Senate vote will determine if Mitch McConnell can get away with breaking his promise to repeal Obama care or be rewarded for It. Judge Roy is will stick to his principles and has proven it. McConnell has endorsed Luther Strange, becasue Judge Moore actually fights for the American Constitution, religious liberty and really draining the swamp.
This is what Daniel Horowitz is a Senior Editor of Conservative Review said about Judge Roy Moore. Read the full article here.

"Not only are voters sick of the corrupt system, but they are tired of those who say they will drain the swamp yet become drained by the swamp. Judge Moore is one individual who will never get drained by the swamp. And that is why Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and his boys will go all in for the establishment candidate and employ their typical duplicitous television ads in a desperate attempt to turn over the Sessions seat with a yes-man for leadership."

Help Judge Roy more drain the swamp.

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