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You may recall my recent offering of July 1 (included herein), alerting you to the previously-announced date set by ANTIFA for their “commencement of hostilities” against the United States.  Well, for whatever reason, their date (July 2) came and went without noticeable occurrence.  One is forced to wonder what these miscreants and their apparent allies, “Organizing for Action” and “Indivisible,” are up to.  I’m sure we’ll not have to wait too long to find out.




“Some months ago, the ANTIFA sissies announced that their target date for the commencement of hostilities against the United States of America, its President, Congress, entire government, and We the People, would be Sunday, July 2, 2017.  Since that announcement, there seems to have descended upon us a pall of total media silence concerning the Mommy’s basement-dwelling mask-wearing sissy cowards and their summer plans.  Personally, I have little doubt that the media blackout was designed to give cover to the Soros-backed funding of these retards and that now, on the eve of their target date, they are more than ready to wreak havoc on various cities and towns throughout the country.


“Whereas, at the moment, I have no hard information as to what might happen locally in North East Florida nor, for that matter, in the rest of the peninsula, I think it safe to assume that, if the morons and their “Resistance” allies do make good on their timetable, the usual trouble spots like Tampa, Miami, and Orlando will be first and hardest hit.


“I recommend we remain in close communication should any unrest be fomented in our areas of interest so as to prevent the Make-Believe Media from continuing to cover up information harmful to the cause of the seditious left.




MY TAKE:  The Obamas, the three Clintons, George Soros and his spawn, ably aided and abetted by the likes of the usual suspects of the rabid left, now including two former Directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and their deep moles therein remaining, cheered on by an increasingly crazy Make-Believe Media, and ultimately covered for by seditious members of the federal judiciary, are all up to no good.  How’s that for stating the obvious?


The enemies of We the People quite obviously harbor a visceral hatred for us and for everything we stand for.  Their immediate goal is to preserve by whatever means necessary, the “Obama Legacy” of failure, theft, deceit, and treason.  Bringing to its knees what’s left of our Republic and destroying it once and for all is their ultimately hoped-for accomplishment.


We must not allow our enemies to succeed.  I strongly believe that the time will soon be upon us that we will have to repel America’s domestic enemies by force of arms.



Safari Woman is online.
Thanks - I follow a few folks that have made it their focus to follow and report on anti-fa. For one thing, they are getting arrested when they commit violence, at least in some areas not restrained by the communists in control of the enforcement agencies. But world wide anti-fa is thriving. The rio...
  • July 17, 2017
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judith is online.
I pray that it won't come to an armed conflict and I certainly share your concerns. pray pray pray for a miracle
  • July 17, 2017
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