The unwashed left-wing radical lunatics now comprising the core of what once existed as the Democrat Party, emerging from their mommy’s basements to wreak havoc on American society, romanticize their being as fighting the battle for America against neo-fascism.  It is highly unlikely that any one of them knows what fascism is, much less how to spell it correctly.  The group, claiming chapters, or perhaps more appropriately, cells, in several American cities, takes its name from a group of German street thugs calling themselves Antifaschistische Aktion.   Their apparent purpose is centered on domestic terrorism, specifically the provocation of senseless street violence which, they hope, will lead to all-out civil war and the demise of the United States.


As the overwhelming majority of the group’s adherents wouldn’t be able to differentiate between fascism, cauliflower, and arugula, it is more than obvious that these snowflakes have nothing to do all day but go out and riot.  Actually, these fools are the real fascists, demanding adherence to their leftist wishes, shouting down the speech of others, blocking traffic, and destroying property of those with whom they disagree.  


Thus far, ANTIFA participants have been treated more than civilly despite their transgressions, but the patience of We the People is by no means infinite.  For my own part, I’d really like to see widespread use of water cannons in breaking up their riots.  I’d also like to see those arrested in riot situations declared enemy combatants and interned in Gitmo indefinitely.


“ANTIFA,” by the way, in reality, stands for “Anti First Amendment.”



Safari Woman
A bunch of them are basement dwellers of rich communist families. 
  • June 20, 2017
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