Who knows, some day you may search your name and come across this blog. Smile

Tonight, I was thinking about how I am going to set up certain things I am selling at the flea market.

Sigh, Yes - hopefully by the time you find this, it will be just another one of my wild crazy stories! 

While I was picturing items to put in and around a trunk, what else would come to mind but our party where we had a shoe display contest as a game. That was just one of many "creative" games we played that night. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Jumping on the bed was fun too.

There was a costume theme to dress up as "Come as who you want to be during your next reincarnation." I was Alice Cooper and You Were Tina Turner as the Acid Queen.


As I recall there were a few pairs of pretty interesting shoes to match those costumes. (Yeah, like I can really remember THE SHOES!) What year was that anyway, 1975?

I wish I had pictures! The costume I remember the best was Barbara's see-through circus clown suit. Head Slap

Also, notoriously, It was the same night Root Boy Slim and Randy Larson showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


I will never forget that EXPERIENCE for the rest of my life!!!!! Hey, but in retrospect, it was educational vocational training for the role as Punk Rock Mom years later. Anyone capable of surviving a party with Root Boy, is capable of surviving a party with the Punkiest of Punk Rockers in the world. I did both, LUCKY ME! Wink

SO I AM THINKING OF YOU, and hoping you have ice cream stains on at least one of your t-shirts, just like we promised we would always have. 

PS NEVER FORGET - Like the sign on the front door to the party said, "If you don't play, you can't come" If only I could remember that in my own daily life right now! No party poopers allowed!

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Sister Sarah
I remember Ellen! I didn't think that was her last name back then was it? Was this one of the parties I went to? I barely recall what when on at any of them, only that you two always had the best parties!
  • April 18, 2017
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Dale Barnes
I was going to say, I think I would remember being at this party, but then again, maybe not.
  • April 18, 2017
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Safari Woman
Who YOU? lmao Probably NOT.
  • April 18, 2017
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