R. A. Schultz


Ya know what really frosts my cookies?  Ya know what ticks me off so bad I could book passage on a United flight?  It’s just the thought that lunatic fringe partisans on both sides of the aisle can be so willfully obtuse as to thwart the obvious will of the American people by deliberately sabotaging our lawfully elected president’s efforts to have enacted a working replacement of the total abortion called Obamacare.  The so-called Democrats would have Harry Truman and JFK rolling in their graves.  The so-called Republicans, especially those actively participating in the “Freedom Caucus,” would have Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan doing likewise. 


President Trump is a far better man than I am.  Obamacare is now in the last gasps of its death spiral and the urgency to repeal and replace it is surely obvious.  The president’s concern is purely practical and is born of true sympathy for those who would have ZERO health insurance coverage once the socialist-establishment system collapses completely.


With all of the opposition from both sides, yours-truly would be sorely tempted to simply shrug and say, “Screw it!  Let the damned communist experiment collapse and don’t even suggest replacing it.  The federal government has no authority to be in the health care business anyway.”  This appears to be the default position of the “Freedom Caucus” nitwits, all of whom enjoy the lifetime benefits of their private Congressional health care system!  The Democrat nitwits, who apparently think that wearing pussy caps and dressing up as vaginas while their allies riot in the streets will somehow bring the Trump presidency to an early conclusion, staunchly cling to the delusional belief that there’s nothing at all wrong with a system that forces Americans to buy, at increasingly exorbitant prices, a defective product they don’t want, all the while themselves benefitting from that same fabulous Congressional health care system.



All of this and more has convinced me beyond a mathematical doubt that the current “two-party system” has to be replaced over the next several years.  We the People should realign ourselves according to the increasingly obvious political fault line of Trumpers versus anti-Trumpers.  A good start for this movement would be to REELECT NO ONE in the mid-term election of 2018 and to elect ONLY TRUMPERS!

Safari Woman
One thing that peeves me about the GOP actions - is they approved so many plans that went in front of Obama, when they knew it wouldn't be signed. What was that? For perceptions of them givng a damn and trying - only? Why else would they approve those plans and not one with a chance to pass? The hea...
  • April 17, 2017
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In 2018, We the People must come to the aid of our President in draining the swamp! We must elect to Congress ONLY those we can certify as 110% pro-Trump!
  • April 24, 2017
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