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The latest piece of Fake News being promulgated by the Make-Believe Media is that President Trump “flip-flopped” on his assessment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  Even the “fair and balanced” Fox News organization adopted this false narrative.  During the presidential campaign, Trump had stated early on that NATO was “obsolete,” specifically in that it was not addressing international Islamofascist terrorism.  Just yesterday (April 13, 2017), he stated that NATO is not obsolete.  The Make-Believe Media insists that this is a “flip-flop,” which merely confirms that the Make-Believe Media wouldn’t know a real flip flop from arugula. 



A changed assessment based upon changed circumstances can hardly be considered a flip-flop. but of course the media must continue its anti-Trump mantra, this being an essential function of the media’s overall role as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party – New World Order Establishment.  What really happened between the time of Candidate Trump’s earlier assessment and President Trump’s most recent assessment was that the current Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg of Norway, most astutely began to address the vagaries of international terrorism as a central aspect of NATO’s functions.  Candidate Trump’s assessment of NATO as being obsolete obviously hit a nerve, bringing about positive change!   Obviously, the positive change resulted in President Trump’s changed assessment.  This, of course, is far too much for the liberal mind to comprehend.

If it wasn't for flip-flops, I'd have made even more mistakes than I have!! And over the years, my views have changed considerably.

So like Trump said, he didn't change his opinion, the FACTS changed.
  • April 14, 2017
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