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I’ve wondered for the longest time why Americans remain silent to the massive “fundamental transformation” of our country by a minority of well-organized progressives who use any means necessary to attain their communistic ends, including the phony notion of “white privilege” in the most tolerant nation on the planet.

While history is being altered, rewritten in the revisionist view of Saul Alinksy’s activists on the payroll of the current regime, various communist non-profits, and by low information voters who think that a Hershey’s candy bar is more valuable than a $150 pure silver bar and by the non-stop race-baiters, the U.S. A. has become the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Instead of respect, we get derision and mockery on Al Jazeera by our own millennials who work for various anti-American think-tanks and lobbying firms.

The military is being cut down more and more, “we can’t afford to pay them,” we are following into the footsteps of European countries that are powerless to defend themselves in the case of an attack. Who is going to take America’s place with its brave soldiers who came to the rescue and liberated Europe from the Nazi oppressors? Where is the American backbone I have heard so much about?

The fact that Memphis officials have voted to disinter the grave of a Confederate general and his wife, in an illogical attempt to purge every shred of our past and of our history, is mind-boggling. When are the hungry racists going to stop? Their ancestors are long gone. America is in a different place now.

What will it take to stop this disruptive PC juvenile insanity? Our country is teetering over the abyss of an out of control government spending and unpayable national debt and we are mesmerized by narcissistic media types and the Donut-Licking-Gate?

I got my answer recently. Donald Trump had the temerity to speak the truth by giving accurate statistics and facts about a certain segment of illegal aliens who represent a majority of criminals in our prison system, who invade our borders to commit crimes, to export their illegal drugs and criminal gangs, and to rape and murder innocents who happen to be in the way.

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